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A.R.E.O.N. – Indie Spotlight


CONCRETE: Where are you originally from? 

A.R.E.O.N: Merrill Hood, The Heart Of Flint, MI 

CONCRETE: When did you realize your passion to create music? 

A.R.E.O.N: After a few hardships in life I would always use writing as release therapy method. I wasn’t big on rapping at 1st,I just loved writing poems and short stories. My homies was freestyling to instrumentals one night and I was reciting my poems in my head and when they were matching the beat, lol I started acting like they were freestyles so I could fit in those sessions 

CONCRETE: When did you realize you wanted to start pursuing music as more than a hobby? 

A.R.E.O.N: People started complimenting me on my material even though I was a bit shy and really wasn’t confident in myself, I wasn’t focused on being famous. I just wanted my voice to be heard also being on the local level is an uphill battle.Some may view music as a competition when it is just an art and should just be a passion.

CONCRETE: Can you tell us about your project ‘Lit In The Living Room’?  

A.R.E.O.N: I based the title on being alone and feeling like you have no ear that will listen to u whether its with music or just a personal conversation. I use the term Lit to describe the feeling of being numb to situations that tend to bring you down. Usually being in the living room brings you peace and space to expand your horizon. 

CONCRETE: What’s your favorite song off the project and why? 

A.R.E.O.N: The track “Still Ain’t Clean” is my favorite track by far. Its my personal ODE to my hometown where the water has been poisoned since before 2014. Nothing has fixed the problem yet and I don’t think they even care to fix it. Remember after casualties and corruption someone ALWAYS becomes wealthy and yea F**K Rick Snyder!!!! 

CONCRETE: Has this pandemic affected how you create and push your music? 

A.R.E.O.N: Actually since the pandemic began, it has helped me understand my place/stance in music and what I can bring to it. Any one put sh*t on top of sh*t, but who really has the ability to stand out and be creative.  

CONCRETE: Who were some of your musical influences? 

A.R.E.O.N: I pay attention to lyrics and how they impact me while I’m listening to the songs. If you see me damn near breaking my neck in traffic then it may be, Mystikal, Pusha T or even Eminem. Not trying to do a quick top 5, just letting know a few of my personal favorites. 

CONCRETE: For people who have never heard your music, how would you describe your sound? 

A.R.E.O.N: My sound is what you would call rhythmic,it HAS to flow to the beat. I normally don’t attempt to write music until I have a beat, therefore I can have the right cadence so when you listen to it you feel just like me mf! 

CONCRETE: What do you have coming up in the near future? New music, videos,shows etc?  

A.R.E.O.N: My current project “Lit In The LivingRoom” was released June 11th, 2020. I usually let a few months to a year passes before I start on a new project, also try to stay consistent as possible, I want you to have that AREON in ya system! 

CONCRETE: Would like to finish the interview with any closing words for the readers?  

A.R.E.O.N:Confidence and quality are ingredients to success, stay humble and remain you. Arrogance can be your biggest downfall especially if your material doesn’t match your drive. Everyone wants to make it in life someday and some most definitely will.Grind and dedication is a must but don’t get caught up in all the hype that may surround you because some are only there to see you fail. They will hate you simply ‘cuz they ain’t you but Gotti said it best, “If yaint got no haters,yaint popping.” Always remember ‘tho “You betta lose yourself in the music, the moment, you own it you betta neva let it go. You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow this opportunity comes once in a lifetime!” -Eminem

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