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BLK BRILLIANCE – POETIC JustUS 3:33 album review


BLK Brilliance delivers us a much needed breath of fresh air while locked in a room full of toxic fumes. Not only is POETIC JustUS 3:33 filled with creative wordplay and strong messages but the production is guaranteed to not only keep your head bobbing but capture your attention keeping you fully locked in. BLK Brilliance is speaking to whoever is willing to listen. He paints vivid images of self love , self awareness and self destruction. Listening to this body of work from start to finish is almost like listening to your favorite motivational speaker telling you to get up and do it. Whatever it is you dream of doing, just live it and don’t let anyone stop you. BLK Brilliance makes it clear his thoughts are deep and out the box but yet so necessary. Push play with an open ear and mind, willing to absorb every line over every kick drum. Let BLK Brilliance take you on a journey through the world we live in as he sees it. Hats off for an amazing piece of art. Thank you for being you, not riding the wave but creating your own! WE CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHAT’S NEXT!!


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