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INDIE SPOTLIGHTE: Slim Chance & Albert J interview

CONCRETE: So are you guys forming a group and is there a name for it or is this just two artists connecting and vibing?
Slim Chance: We’re actually best friends in real life who both are hip hop artists. We met about 12 years ago at the Urban Music Challenge, had a mutual respect for each other’s craft and just clicked as brothers. If you know or are old enough to remember the UMC than you definitely know Black Catfish and Albert J.!
Albert J: I asked Slim to be on a song for my mixtape at the time and it ended up us doing dozens of songs and live shows with the rock band November. Our song Nana Puddin’ was on the FX show Blue Mountain State. We also made an appearance on the soundtrack to the movie Piranha 3DD. Slim and I actually at one time were even roommates in Nashville before I moved to Las Vegas and even recorded an album that never dropped.
Slim Chance: Last December we had a conversation that ended up me flying out to see Albert in Vegas and we recorded 10 songs in 6 days which led to forming our own brand TWTMC,

CONCRETE: How did the collaboration come about for this Where is Carlos Foley project?

Albert J: After the success of the first trip, we booked a second trip. Over 2 weeks we recorded almost 30 songs and shot a few videos as well. We also could see the songs quickly grouped themselves into separate projects and Where is Carlos Foley?  kind of presented itself naturally.

CONCRETE: The title is interesting, Who is Carlos Foley and did you ever find out where he was?
Slim Chance: The title was us having a conversation about how everyone has a plug for whatever quick fix they’re looking for. Carlos Foley seemed to be a generic enough name that could be anybody and it stuck. Yes, we found him, he’s sitting right here!
CONCRETE: For the people who haven’t heard this project how would you describe the sound?
Slim Chance: It’s a colorful yet rugged street album that tells an honest story about addiction and all that comes along with it.
CONCRETE: The concept of the project is dope. Can you elaborate on it?
Albert J: The concept of the album is that moment where you’re looking for the plug. It’s an insightful journey on the whole experience from both sides of the dealer and the user.
CONCRETE: Why do you feel you guys compliment each other’s style so well?
Slim Chance: My Southern twang mixed with Albert J.’s lyrical proper etiquette goes together like PB&J.
CONCRETE: What would you say is your favorite song off the project and why?
Slim Chance: Say Sum’n because of the energy, Be there because of the storytelling.
Albert J: Pushr & Down in the Hole! Those 2 songs tell the tale of being a dealer and being a user.
CONCRETE: This is the second project you guys have done together, can we expect more from the two of you in the near future?
Albert J: To Whom This Music Concerns, we already have the 3rd in the bag.
Slim Chance: In 2022, We dropping The Outcome! It’s more soulful and melodic in tone it also washes the dirt off after finding Carlos Foley.
CONCRETE: The fans really want to know from Slim Chance will there ever be another Black Catfish project?
Slim Chance: No.
CONCRETE: Any shout outs or last words for the readers?
Slim & Albert: Special thanks to Jon Denney, Jo Nate, DOLO, 5’3 The Giant, and Mauro Villalobos. Thank you to the people that been rockin with us and log on to to grab some of our merch!!!

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