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MUSIC REVIEW – Tenn Toes Down – A project featuring all TN artist

Recently Nashville recording artist Gee Slab and the EIC of Vibe Magazine Datwon Thomas teamed up to create a list of incredible artist that call TN home. The list ended up being close to 100 artist, which is a great problem to have if you’re not limited to only 16. After completing the extremely difficult task of slimming down the list, they were left with the 16 names and songs that they felt were a great representation of how diverse the sounds coming out of TN really are right now. This body of work is pieced together perfectly. It’s sure to make any TN native proud and if your not from TN or not familiar with the flourishing music scene, specifically HipHop this project is a great place to start. Go click play below and see for yourself.

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