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Teddy Rose – Panoramic Soul – Music Review

PANORAMIC – A wide view surrounding the observer. All aspects of a subject; wide ranging.

SOUL – Emotional or intellectual energy or intensity,especially as revealed in a work of art or an artistic performance.

In a time when the industry is single driven, Teddy Rose dares to set his self apart by releasing a full body of work consisting of 11 soulful records. His latest release Panoramic Soul is a rare look into behind the scenes of Teddy Roses private life. Listeners get a glimpse in to his reality from conquering life goals,relationships,family and the sacrifices made to succeed. Teddy approaches every track with confidence and seems to pour his life over colorful vibey tracks that are almost trance like. The production selection is a perfect blend with Teddy’s laid back melodic delivery. Songs like The Separation, Risk over Reward, You vs. Them , Play Around and Good Right Now won us over and made our list of go to records. Whether getting dressed for a night on the town or a late night cruise through the city lights Panoramic Soul is the perfect soundtrack for the movie you call your life. Push Play and enjoy!


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