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Unstoppable Sound Indie spotlight


CONCRETE:  Where did each of you get your name from and what makes you different from other artists?

Lil Raida: Lil Raida comes from my pops, then the homies started calling me ‘’raida boy” so I told them to just call me “Lil Raida ”. And I’m different because what I went through in life made me grow into a man faster. My experiences can help guide others who go through the same or similar things that I have.

K9 UNO: I played high school football and my coaches gave me that nickname. I think what makes me different is I’ve always had a good head on my shoulders because of the way my mom and dad raised me and coached me through life. They made sure that I’m not ignorant to the world around me and the way I may be viewed. I just tell stories through my music, I can tell stories of the people around me because I’ve always learned by observing the people around me. That’s why my music is so relatable. 

Matmiie: I got my artist name from my name, growing up, everyone called me Matmie with one “i”, my biological name is Matthew so we put Matt-me instead of Matthew (math-you), the two i’s in my name stand for the Roman numeral 2. That’s when my parents split up n that’s when most of my story started from when I was 2 years old.

Vlone Kobe: I got my name from my homies back in high school we would go through magazines , we saw ASAP Rocky wearing VLONE clothing brand, before Vlone blew up, we would just call each “Vlone” then our name like a code name. I can say that I’m different from other artist musically and personality  wise. I would think of myself  being a very versatile artist, if you give me a beat I’m almost guaranteed to put a verse on it. 

CONCRETE: You guys recently released a label compilation titled “On The Rize” what is your favorite song off the project and why?

Lil Raida: My favorite song is 3rd Degree because the beat is different and it brought a whole other vibe out of me.

K9 UNO: I would say N3on because it’s catchy and fits whatever mood you’re in.

Matmiie: My favorite song off the project is “T.B.H.”, it’s my favorite because all of the other artists in the group are on it and they went crazy!.

Vlone Kobe: I really like 3rd Degree, because it’s an up-tempo song, a good song and it just puts me in a good mood and gives me good energy.

CONCRETE: JJ label owner, What made you want to do a project with all the artists on your label and not just push each artist individually?

JJ label owner: I just thought it would be smart to shine the light and hit the ground running with all four artists instead of shining the light on just one artist individually. I also noticed the energy and good vibes they all had together in the studio, so by our the third session we had a bunch of content out,  a few studio vlogs and then we put together an “Unstoppable Sound Cypher ” from there everything else just came naturally.

CONCRETE: JJ, where did your passion for the music business come from?

JJ label owner: I would say Genetically, My father was a part and managed a Tejano Band, But also growing up in Tennessee with my mom, I had a homie who made music and I was always  promoting and trying to find things to do like link with other producers and artists from out of town. Then my nephew Michael and I started Unstoppable Clothing, then I studied folks like the Master Ps, Gary Vee and Nipsey Hussle so I wanted to promote the clothing brand with the music label and have that open up a 2 way business for myself and my kids, and hopefully, I can help change lives for my family and other people’s families. That’s my main passion.

CONCRETE: Lil Raida. What was it like growing up in Lewisburg TN? Was there a music scene and what kind of obstacles did you have to overcome?

Lil Raida: It wasn’t that bad on a killing level. But we really had nothing growing up, we couldn’t afford much, and staying house to house changed me. It came to a point where I had to drop out of school and had my first son on the way and I still did not have much to give. So at that point in my life, I had to do something or I’d be labeled just like so many of us are. 

CONCRETE: MatMiie, Who are some Latin artists that influenced you, and do you feel being a Mexican American rapper comes with pressure to cater to both your cultures? 

Matmiie: My favorite Latin artists have to be Ozuna and Don Omar, and it hasn’t been much pressure to cater to both sides. I have Spanish music that I have yet to release, we are just waiting for a good time to drop them. I’m going to rep the Mexico flag regardless if I was born in America or not. Half of my family is from Mexico and I’m going to represent my people because there is a lot of behind the scenes stuff that goes on not only at the border or in Mexico but also in America, I feel like we are overlooked at times. With all of the hate and crime that happens to us, we need more exposure and hopefully the problems that happened to us will not be for nothing. With enough attention we can make a change. I’m trying to be a public representation of a change for our people! Viva La Raza!

CONCRETE: Vlone Kobe,  for someone that has never heard your music before, how would you describe your sound to them?

Vlone Kobe:  I’m an artist that puts out any emotion music, that’s my primary source but really I can do anything if you put on a beat and I’m behind a mic. 

CONCRETE: K9 Uno, What do you want people to take away from your music and at the end of it all what do you want to be remembered for? 

K9 UNO: I want people to know that everyone has a chance to live a different life than their past might have led them to. People go through things, but it’s how you come out of it that matters. Everybody has a stress reliever, they just have to find their source. Mine was music, I want my music to be a source. Remember me for making it from a small town & proving it’s possible. Everybody is going to judge and question why you chose to be different, but if you just do what you want you can make it far. I want to be the one who proves that to anybody trying to make it.

CONCRETE: Michael label owner, Is it hard to be in the military full time and still stay focused on the music/the business side of things? Also where does your passion for the music industry stem from?

Michael label owner: It does get hard at times, trying to maintain a balance between my family, the military, and Unstoppable. But never to the point that I can’t manage it. Being in the military has also helped me out with Unstoppable. A lot of people I work with have bought clothes, hats, and downloaded “On The Rize”. You meet some dope people that will support you all the way. But my time in the military is ending soon. I chose to get out of the military and move to Tennessee to be locked in 100% with Unstoppable. My passion for music comes from my family. I mean JJ said it himself, my grandpa was in a band, and hearing them play was always dope, and definitely inspired me to make music myself. My interest in the music business goes back to my sophomore year in high school. I had this little home studio I built and I would charge people $10 a song if they wanted to come record. I would definitely say this is how it all started for me. 

10.CONCRETE: Any S/O’s

S/O to Krashmax, Smagzzz, Animal Media Group and the rest of the producers that was a part of the project also S/O to Capo, Kyro Ink and Browns Photograph and Ak Films! And most importantly Everybody who supported us and took time out of the day to download the album!

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