Fooly AudioMerch secret link

This is a unreleased song we wanted to release exclusively to our supporters that purchased the ADD IT UP Audio Merch Tee! Please hit us up @TheFoolyGUy and let us know if you are feeling it.. Hope you enjoy Fooliez!

If you are reading this, it means you have scanned the SmartLink on my new piece of Audio Merch. I want to start off by giving thanking you for being a supporter weather new or old, I’m extremely appreciative of every like, share, comment, play, and purchase!

I’m also extremely thankful that not only are you supporting my music but by pushing play but you took that extra step to shop my brand and purchase this limited piece of Audio Merch. Continue to scan the shirt, over time we will update the code with new music, unreleased content and even tickets to my shows or private listening events. Stay up to date by following my socials or join my email list.

Thank You again w/o your support none of this is possible!

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