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Music Review: FU Stan – LockDown

‘In a World full of dumbed down shit all I need is some substance to get me by for another day please I’m just saying I’m getting tired of the same ol shit give me wings let me fly!’
FU Stan starts off his song High from the Lows with the above bars and it couldn’t hit any closer to home. With artist upon artist rushing to release singles that sound the same as the next artist, it seems it has started to become one long never ending song.
This project is most definitely one of the projects that change that. FU Stan released an EP full of ups and downs, highs and lows, the good and the ugly all perfectly blended into a project full of much needed flavor. The moment you push play a sample based record demands your complete attention while FU Stan prepares to do what he does best, wreck the beat as soon as he starts spitting. It’s hard to pinpoint Stan’s style because he seems to mold his sound around whatever beat he gets on. We suggest you add this to your favorite playlist and keep it in rotation. BIG S/O to FU Stan for giving us an extremely strong body of work. We are excited to see what’s next for this rising Nashville artist!

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