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Gee Slab talks Tenn Toes Down!


CONCRETE:Where are you originally from?

Gee Slab: Out east Nashville 

CONCRETE:What do you feel was the main source of inspiration for you to start creating music?

Gee Slab:Therapy for my life 

CONCRETE:For someone who has never heard a Gee Slab song how would you describe your sound? 

Gee Slab: Authentic & versatile 

CONCRETE: Not too long ago you linked with the EIC of Vibe Magazine Datwon Thomas how did that connection come about?

Gee Slab:Concrete Magazine and Dee Goodz helped bring him down. I was at the crib posted to be honest. I got a message from Capo that Datwon heard my music and he liked it and I should come to the event. So I shot down to basement east. Long story,less long he liked my music and we formed a connection.

CONCRETE: You’ve already dropped one project with Datwon called Favors Ain’t Fair, can you speak on that project a little bit? 

Gee Slab:Yeah after we met I went to New York and linked with him. He liked my sound and linked me with King Henry, a producer he rocked with. Me and Henry’s sound connected and we started working on the project. Vibe Magazine premiered it and it was a good moment for the city of Nashville.

CONCRETE: You recently teamed back up with Datwon for another project titled Tenn Toes Down. What’s the concept behind this project and how did it come about?

Gee Slab: When I was in NY and we did a end of the year review of our favorite music and I played mostly Tennessee artist mostly middle Tenn. We chopped it up and came up with idea to help out more exposure on the scene.

CONCRETE: How did you pick the artist that you wanted to be on this Tenn Toes Down project?

Gee Slab: I started with 50 and it was a process for trimming down based on many factors. The most essential was the ones that he heard in his office and pointed out. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do because I’m cool with so many artist. But you can’t make everybody happy, it’s impossible. 

CONCRETE: Will you be looking at dropping more of these projects with Datwon in the near future?

Gee Slab: Yeah we talked about doing a favor ain’t fair 2 soon and maybe more variations of this type of project.

CONCRETE: How important is it for you to shine a light on the city of Nashville’s Hip-Hop scene? 

Gee Slab: it’s very important, we have talent that deserves to be nationwide artist. We have platinum selling type talent and I’ll do my part to help see us shine, always! 

CONCRETE: Can the fans be expecting another Gee Slab solo project any time soon? 

Gee Slab: Yeah I’m working on Anointed Sinner 2 and some short film visuals to accompany some songs from my latest project ‘No Signal’.

CONCRETE: Any last words or shout outs?

Gee Slab: Believe In New Opportunity 

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